The Midland XTR and Syntech II series of two-way radios are rugged and reliable.  They are progressively being replaced in commercial service after more than a decade, and are finding their way into the hands of amateur radio enthusiasts in increasing numbers.

These  radios are computer-programmable and this is one of their great attractions.  An interface is required between the radio and the computer for programming.  SkyLine has produced one in basic form without expensive packaging to economically allow programming of these radios.

The latest version of this interface (shown at right) is the MP-1 programmer.  In addition to the XTR and Syntech II series, this adaptor allows direct programming of the Midland Bantam and Titan series radios via a standard Cat5 patch cable.  The design of the programmer allows the radio interface cables to be quickly and cheaply replaced if damaged, a feature that no other programming cable currently offers.

The MP-1 is a joint development with Greene County Communications in U.S.A. together with the EB-1 expansion board.   Until late 2015, GCC handled distribution of the product in North America, in both kit form or fully assembled/tested.  This distribution service is no longer available - contact us for further information regarding product availability.

History of the XTR/Syntech-II Programming Adaptor

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