In 2005 SkyLine Engineering Services designed the XTR1 programmer in response to the evident need for a low-cost programming solution for the Midland XTR series. It was initially intended to offer it as PCB-only with a parts list.  We had previously been stung with a shipment to the US where the addressee denied receipt, so we intended to supply boards with delivery-requiring-signature.  However the cost of this service (from Australia) proved disproportionate to the board cost.  At this point, Bob Gass (of Greene County Communications in Tennessee) kindly offered to act as our agent to distribute the boards within the US.  This worked well with the initial batch of 20 boards selling out quickly, and soon Bob responded to requests for full kits as well as built/tested programmers, and providing after-sales support for his customers.

The XTR1 quickly gained a reputation as the Midland programmer to purchase over other aftermarket programmers due to it's reliability in programming Syntech II radios.  XTR radios were forgiving on the interface. Affordability also played a part in its success in a price-conscious market.

During this phase, Bob evolved a number of add-on cables to program other radio series and brands.  We discussed the idea of adding additional port flexibility to the XTR1, and the MP-1 multi-programmer was born together with the EB-1 expansion board. The MP-1 was released in August 2012.

In late 2015, declining market demand and personal health issues caused Bob to rethink his position, and he took the regrettable decision to end his involvement with kit/product supply. At that point, we had supplied Bob a further 265 XTR1 boards and 110 MP-1 boards which he had in turn supplied to customers as either kits or assembled/tested products.

Although we continued as a board supplier to Bob throughout, some time ago we ceased offering kits or assembled products here in Australia due to the very low level of domestic demand.  Since his decision, Bob has been redirecting MP-1 enquiries to us at SkyLine. We are currently evaluating our position regarding possible future direct supply into the USA/Canada region.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.

We offer our huge gratitude to Bob - without him the US/Canada market success would not have happened.   We would also like to thank all Bob's satisfied customers for their past and present support. 

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Early XTR1 Programming Adaptor

The MP-1 Programming Adaptor