"Talk-around" is simplex operation on the OUTPUT frequency of a repeater pair - sometimes called "LOCAL" or "DIRECT".  The Syntech 1 series radios are capable of Talk-around operation when appropriately programmed and activated by a front panel switch.  Reference is made to this function in the Midland 70-1000 programmer manual, in relation to the Z-273TA module.

The good news is that this does NOT actually require a different EPROM module - the standard Z-273 is fully capable of containing the information required for the microprocessor to implement this function.  Now your channel list no longer needs to be filled with the simplex-on-output version of all your repeater channels, and that means faster selection of Talk-around and valuable extra channel space.

The bad news is that you need to arrange a suitable switch to select Talk-around operation.  While the latent functionality is there in the Syntech 1, no front panel space was allowed after MON/PRI/SCAN for a fourth switch.  You can invent your own workaround, but with the two scan buttons one can readily be diverted to this role.  Details are available on request.

Commencing with version 1.14 of the Z-273 programming software, the required TA information will always be automatically placed into the Z-273 module.   This will have no effect where a TA switch has not been connected.  See the software release page for details of our software distribution process.

For the Syntech 80-channel portables (70-155/255) the story is similar.  These also have the latent capability within the standard set.  We even have a number of 70-255B sets with Talkaround enabled as received from the supplier, with the corresponding factory labelling!  As these units at hand provided the basis of our Z-350 analysis, we incorporated the TA feature into the Z-350 programming from the outset (beta version 0.99).

As our only service manual copy does not contain schematics, it will take a bit of digging on our part to ascertain where the SCAN line was diverted to the microprocessor's TA input.


1.    The Talkaround function is identical on the early 36-channel version of the ST-1, and is probably more important there due to their lower channel capacity.

2.    Due to differences in the microprocessor mask programming, the A.W.A. RT-85 can NOT support this direct talkaround.

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