THE  ‘SKYLINE’  70-1000X  AND  THE  A.W.A.  RT-85
The SkyLine 70-1000X programmer was designed to support both the Midland Syntech 1 radios AND the A.W.A. RT-85.  Although both radios use the Z-273 EPROM module, the data storage is significantly different and the programming system needs to accommodate these differences.  The Midland 70-1000 had no RT-85 capability until custom (non-Midland) firmware was installed.  As a result, the purchase of a Midland 70-1000 did not imply the capability to program an RT-85, and if the unit was purchased from outside Australia there was an extremely high probability that it contained firmware which only supported Midland radios.

If you have a mixture of Midland Syntech 1's and A.W.A. RT-85's, the SkyLine 70-1000X will allow you to read the Z-273 EPROM module from one type and then modify that data to suit  the other type without having to re-enter any frequency or CTCSS information.

An  A.W.A.  RT-85  Transceiver.

What are the differences between the Midland Syntech 1 and the A.W.A. RT-85?

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