(Our "multi-R.I.B.")

Programming leads for interconnecting a PC serial port to a serially programmed two-way radio come in a wide variety of model-specific types, most of which contain active components (inverters, level translators etc) - sometimes referred to as a Radio Interface Box or "RIB".  There are also a variety of radio connectors in use on the leads.  Although in some cases a passive lead can be substituted effectively, the result of this diversity is the accumulation of a large number of active leads and the corresponding increasing investment in essentially duplicated gear.

The larger part of the componentry - and cost - is (or can easily be made to be) common to all these leads and all the model-dependent attributes (polarity, connector style, source voltage etc) can be accommodated in a simple model-specific passive lead from the common interface.

The Skyline Engineering Services Adaptable Programming Interface provides that common interface.  It features:

  • operation from 5V or 8-14V power, supplied at the radio connector.
  • LED indicator to confirm power available.
  • support for full handshake operation.
  • ‘idiot-proof’ automatic selection of signal polarity, handshake polarity and source voltage with each model-specific passive lead.
  • easy user fabrication of additional passive radio leads as required.

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    Readily available 15-pin ‘D’ connectors provide the basis for interface connection to the radio.  Information is provided to enable the user to fabricate leads for all tested radio interface types.

    Passive cables have been documented and tested for the following radio types:

  • Tait T700 and T2000 series
  • Midland XTR series
  • Motorola Syntrx Plus
  • Philips/Simoco PRM 80 series
  • Kyodo KG510 base station
  • Icom IC-400 Pro (equivalent to Icom OPC1122)
  • The version with the PC serial port connection via a 25-pin 'D' connector (left photo) is no longer manufactured.   The new version (middle pic above) with a 9-pin serial port 'D' connector is now supplied.   Note that the casing on these may be BLACK depending on parts availability at the time of production.

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