The Midland "Syntech® 1" radios remain popular long after their production ceased.  The main problem impacting their popularity is the difficulty in reprogramming the Z-273 EPROM module which contains the operating information (frequency, tone, scan etc).   The original solution - which was cumbersome and unfriendly to operate and is now rare and expensive - was the Midland 70-1000 standalone programmer.

SkyLine now offer the 70-1000X, a PC-controlled programmer for the Z-273.  Using the supplied software, this unit allows easy reading and reprogramming of the Z-273 module, with direct screen readout and editing of channel frequency, tone information, scan lists, personality parameters etc.   Unlike the Midland unit, EPROM images can be stored and retrieved as files on the host computer.  The 70-1000X not only handles the Z-273 modules from both Midland ST1 and A.W.A. RT-85 radios, it facilitates transfer of channel data between the two makes.
And now - commencing with release 1.14 - "Talkaround" functionality for the Syntech-1 is now included in the data in the Z-273.

Using the supplied X383 adaptor, the 70-1000X also programs the Z-383 module used in the 70-336/526 8-channel mobiles.

With a Midland 70-1071 adaptor, the 70-1000X will now program the Z-350 module used in the Syntech 70-155/255 80-channel portables.

The  SkyLine  70-1000X  programmer.

The Skyline 70-1000X connects to the parallel port of the host PC.  It is housed in a compact ABS case which measures (W)140mm x (D)110mm x (H)38mm.

The software runs under DOS or in a DOS box under Windows® versions to and including Win9X.

Screen shot of programming software (main screen).

The operating software and a comprehensive user manual are supplied on CD.   You can download an abridged version of the user manual and a look-and-feel software sampler at FAQ-Q11 here.

The SkyLine 70-1000X is not a simple "RIB" or interface box.  It is a full EPROM programmer,
 tailored to the unique requirements of programming the Z-273 module

All voltages required for programming are generated on-board from an external 12V DC supply, which should be rated 300 mA or greater.  This can be a normal plug-pack ("wall wart") and is
NOT SUPPLIED with the 70-1000X due to the different mains voltage/frequency/connector employed in various countries.  The DC input receptacle is to EIA standard, 2.5mm centre pin or 2.1mm on request.

For Australia, the Jaycar MP-3011 or Altronics M-9243 are recommended for 2.5mm.

To use this sytem, you will also need a 25-pin M-F cable with all pins wired straight through; and (access to) an EPROM eraser.  These are NOT INCLUDED with the programmer package.

The SkyLine 70-1000X is perfect for clubs, small service shops, and the keen enthusiast.

TIP:  To quickly identify which Midland models are Syntech 1's and use the Z-273 EPROM module, check out the comprehensive model table at: and look for "ST-1" and 80 channel capacity.

For further information, check the FAQ or contact us.

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